Wild Natural Organic Logo

The Wild Natural Organic Logo brings forward the tree of life as a symbol of the life’s circle in the nature and the unrestrainedness of the wilderness. The green colour of the logo highlights the connection to nature, purity, life and ecology. The circular logo with its organic and natural shape reminds of nature, as edgy shapes and hard lines are not common in nature. It also brings up once more the motive of the circle of life. The logo symbolizes nature without unnecessary influences of humans.

The Wild Natural Organic Logo can be applied on a background of any colour, as long as it’s still clearly distinguishable and outstanding from the background. The dark grey outer circle works as an outer border, which helps as a distinguishing element in relation to the background. Therefore almost any colour of the background is possible, but the dark grey and other shades of grey similar to the colour of the outer circle.

The one colour version is to be used only in cases when the printing process doesn’t allow the application of the original shades of green. This version is to be printed in black or in a dark colour on a white or a light colour background only. A change of colour is allowed for a one colour only printing process.