wild natural organic certificate

Wild ingredients

Natural Wild Organic stamp guarantees, that the ingredients come from the wilderness and were only minimally influenced by people

More than organic

Natural Wild Organic builds on the European standards for organic production and brings them on higher level

Supporting smaller businesses

Wild Natural Organic offers a more affordable alternative to other organic certificates available on the market

Why Natural Wild Organic?

Global coverage

Wild Natural Organic is available worldwide.


Wild Natural Organic is more affordable than other organic or fair trade certificates

High standards

Wild Natural Organic stands for higher standards in production and increasing the sustainability

About wild natural organic

The Wild Natural Organic Certificate represents products of the wilderness. Such products bring another aspect of quality and flavour in comparison to regular organic produce. These products of nature come from the deep forests, high mountains and large plains, where they grew without direct influence of humans. That means no pesticides were applied on them, they were not planted in monoculture fields and the plants were not artificially cultivated.
Products of the wilderness  must come from environment, which is not influenced by humans. The plants labelled as „wild“ may not be artificially fertilized or planted.